BNG, who entered the fashion world in 2006 with a mission of being the brand of the ones who like to discover and be discovered, is an authentic Turkish brand shaped with the knowledge and experience of its founders, Nilgün and Bülent Gülen.

BNG, who proves to be a global brand by bringing its designs together with the worldwide customers in the leading fashion exhibition like Tranoi Paris, Coterie NYC, with its 2010-11 Fall /Winter Collection, holds the distinction of being the first and only Turkish brand to be accepted by ‘Milano Fashion Week’.

The most original detail representing the identity of BNG is the “allure of black” which gives life to its designs. This is what renders the brand extraordinary. The different variations of the colour black, which is the driving engine of the brand’s collections and the seasonal stories, become integrated with the BNG woman. BNG, who presents, in a rather stunning manner, the functionality of its collections with its extraordinary line, achieves to create awareness with its designs.

BNG has 11 concept stores in Turkey. In addition, BNG offers to its customers in its stores haute couture designs reflecting a master hand workmanship, accessories, rings, bags, shoes and interior perfumes together with the internationally famous boutique brands.

BNG, who takes firm steps forward to growth with its globalizing policy, is sold in nearly 25 elite boutiques in 20 different countries, United States and Italy being in the first place. In Japan, it stands out as being one of the 3 worldwide renowned brands that is sold in the Galley concept in Isetan and Takashimaya.

BNG continues to grow with stores in Girne in TRNC , “Park Plaza” in Mexico City (Mexico) and “Gallery Tblisi” in Georgia.

In the BNG collections, where exclusive material accompanies technological cloth, the leather- knit wear combinations are in the forefront together with cotton shirts, chiffon tunics, wool-silk blend coats and special collection accessories attesting to the wide range of products of the brand.

BNG brings the fashion addicts together with affordable luxury with its designs for all sizes and all likes highlighting a sophisticated and an avant-garde woman.